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Back Pain Treatment and Neck Pain Treatment
Aberystwyth, Wales

Back and neck pain and their associated problems are extremely common and will affect us all at some point in our lives. For many the pain is temporary and resolves without the need for any further action, but for some the problem persists.

The good news is that 85% of cases settle down within three months even without treatment.

In those cases that don’t settle down some form of professional help may be useful.

We can be reasonably confident that spinal pain is caused by the joints, muscles, discs or nerves in and around your spine. It is usually not overly important to see what’s going on with an X-ray or a scan; in fact these would only be useful in around 5% of cases. On top of this, most patients with no back pain have scans that look like they should be in a lot of pain and people with lots of pain often have nothing obvious show up on a scan. This is a confusing situation for people in pain and often adds to the problem.

The problem is often blamed on there being a bone ‘out of place’, or ‘out of alignment’. We now know that this is not the case and so we can move away from treatments that ‘correct alignment’ or put anything ‘back in’. Manipulating the spinal joints is effective for certain types of pain, but seems to be only effective in the short term and for long term benefit adding exercises for movement and strength are needed.

A common misconception is that hurt equals harm and that more pain equals more damage. This is not true. Long after an injury has healed there may be some changes to the way your nervous system responds to even small movements and activities. This can bring on as strong a pain as the original injury which can be worrying. This is a well understood situation known as ‘central sensitisation’. This hypersensitive state can be reduced and overcome.

Surgery and injections for spinal pain seem to be all the rage, but the results are often poor. There are of course some instances where surgery is absolutely crucial, but most cases of back and neck ache can be managed far better with activity, exercises and learning more about how to deal with the pain.

General exercise is a fantastic way to help overcome a back and neck problem. Even those with a long term problem can benefit from starting an exercise programme which whilst starting off gently, can become fully energetic, challenging and enjoyable. There doesn’t seem to be such thing as ‘bad exercise’; just better choices for what suits you.

Lots of us are looking for a quick fix to spinal pain that has become persistent, but we have to accept that persistent pain is an issue that has many components: Stress, anxiety, lack of exercise, smoking, poor sleep are all factors that can be part of the recipe of developing pain. We often have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture to really get anywhere because nothing changes if nothing changes!

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