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New Patients with Dr. Hedd Piper BSc DC MRCC, Doctor of Chiropractic

One of the first questions people in pain have is: ‘what’s wrong with me?’  Your first visit will be all about attempting to answer that question.

We will have a good discussion about what is going on - what is the story of the problem?

You will be examined so that a good understanding of what is hurting is established.  We can see what movements, positions or activities aggravate or ease the pain.  Some checks of the bigger things will be done to make sure there's nothing nasty going on - and if there is or there might be, we'll discuss who to see about it.

We'll then move on to an explanation of the whole thing so that you understand what's going on and what can be done about it - this bit is all about explaining the pain and should be very informative (and fun!).

This consultation is about you. It's not about bamboozling you into lots of treatment you probably don't need!  I want you to come out of this session with a healthy dose of optimism that you're in charge of the situation.

I look forward to seeing you... 



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