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Shoulder Pain Treatment
Aberystwyth, Wales

Shoulder problems are extremely common, affecting up to 30% of the population and are the third most common reason someone seeks treatment from a physical therapist.

There are lots of anatomical structures around a shoulder joint that can cause pain and due to this complex picture it can be tricky to identify exactly what is going on, so making the right treatment selection difficult for patients and clinicians alike.

We also have a wide variety of which part of us we refer to as the ‘shoulder’.  For some it is the tip of the shoulder, others the outside of the arm and for others the side of the neck and around the shoulder blade (of course for some it is all of these areas).

On the whole shoulder problems fit a description of being stiff and painful, weak and painful or ‘loose’ and painful.

Once we can identify what is going on and rule out anything serious we can address the underlying issues.  The good news is that most shoulders respond to a straightforward approach of understanding the problem and following some advice; encourage exercises to move the joint and then strengthen the joint and improve co-ordination.

As with any persistent pain problem, there are no quick fixes.  Retraining and strengthening a shoulder takes time, patience and dedication to doing some exercises. 


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