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“The first principle of science is that you must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest person to fool” – Richard Feynman

Welcome to my blog. My idea here is to add occasional stuff that adds to some of the topics that commonly come up at the clinic...read more


As a recent convert to the world of pain science I have become increasingly aware of the importance of addressing patients as a whole person rather than using what is known as a ‘categorical approach’.  This is where a specific area of a problem is addressed whilst choosing to ignore all else...read more


Am I part of the disease?

Or am I part of the cure?...read more


It is often downright frustrating, and even scary, when back pain strikes seemingly out of the blue...read more


Core stability - is it time for a re-think?...read more


“You don't have to have the solution.  You've got to understand the problem”...read more



The National Catastrophe System...read more




Out,Out...read more




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