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Help with Back & Neck Pain

Consulting Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a profession - not a treatment


Consulting Chiropractic is a way of describing the difference between chiropractors like me who place an emphasis on collaborating with you to self manage your pain, rather than the more common structural chiropractic, which focuses more on providing manual therapy and manipulation.

At the heart of this concept is to help you to understand why you have pain via a clinical diagnosis and to coach you towards effective, long term self management of your problem.

I have been a chiropractor since 2003.  Over this time, my approach to practice has evolved .  I have embraced the developments in the world of pain management which encourage seeing you as a whole person in pain rather than having an injured body part which needs fixing.

I am enthusiastic to work with anyone who is fed up of living with pain and especially if no-one has given you the time to listen to you or been able to explain to you why you hurt.

Hedd Piper BSc (Econ) BSc (Chiro) DC MRCC

Physical Therapist

Who We Treat

Anybody who is fed up with dealing with pain without understanding what is going on

Young Athlete

What We Help With

  • Low back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Widespread joint pain and stiffness

  • Pain in the sciatic region

Psychologist Session

What to Expect

A thorough consultation to understand your pain history as well as your general health and well-being.  Treatment and management plans are individualised with the number of sessions and style of management regularly reviewed

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  • A thorough consultation

  • Thorough assessment and referral to correct professional if needed

  • Personalised management and treatment plans

  • No obligation to receive any hands-on therapy

  • Second opinions on cases not responding to your usual treatments

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