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Above the Clouds

*Correct as of 1/6/2024

You may not be sure if this is right for you.  Arrange a 10 minute chat with Hedd and ask any questions you may have

Report of Findings £45

This is a 30 minute appointment during which Hedd will explain what was found in your initial consultation, what it all means and what can be done about it.  In cases where it is deemed that manipulation is appropriate for you then this may be included in this visit.

Multiple Appointments

6 follow-up appointments can be booked for £228

We will send you an E-Doc to complete which Hedd will review before you come in.

This 40 minute appointment consists of an interview about your case; an assessment and physical examination to prepare your 'Report of Findings' at your second visit

Follow-Up Appointment

These are scheduled to last 20 minutes and will consist of updating your progress and adding to your treatment plan.


Massage prices and bookings can be found here

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